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Our site provides general transport to Georgia.

Product delivery  date is 1-2  business days in Tbilisi. Outside Tbilisi is  5  business days.

You must make sure that you correctly enter your contact and delivery information under your membership profile to ensure that you have a healthy way to access your purchased products. Our firm can not be held responsible for any orders that do not arrive at the incorrectly entered information end result.

If the delivery of the product does not reach you within the period mentioned above, you will be asked to inform us of your request and your money will be made by our company.

Shipping Cost i


The fixed shipping charge in Tbilisi for purchases you will make through our site is  3.00  GEL. 50.00  Come and you  will receive the shipping charge on your  purchases. The non-commercial shipping charge is fixed at  5.00 GEL. 100.00  Come and you will receive the shipping charge on your purchases.

Cargo fee will not be charged for warehouse delivery.